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New Seasonal Menu – A Twist on a Comforting Classic

We are delighted to announce the launch of our delicious new seasonal menu!

This season’s menu is a celebration of all the warm and comforting foods that are traditional favourites at this time of year.

The range includes a collection of premium Gourmet Crumpets with lovingly hand-crafted toppings. Each light and fluffy crumpet has been layered with delicious locally-sourced ingredients to create the ultimate seasonal indulgence. This exciting new collection of recipes reflects Jamaica Blue’s simple food philosophy of using fresh, quality ingredients to give comforting classics a twist.

Head Chef Danika Heslop, who along with the Jamaica Blue food development team created the range, says “people usually associate crumpets with sweet flavours, so what we have done is twist that with a mixture of savoury and sweet, like an Eggs Benedict crumpet which has a very different texture!”

Ask at your local Jamaica Blue café for availability!

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