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NEW Single Origin Coffee from Tanzania

Single origin coffee beans are not your average coffee beans. These are often picked by hand on family-run farms, and as the name suggests, only come from one place. Our latest single origin is a fresh harvest from the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa.

This coffee, from the Mwika North Cooperative, is a collaborative effort of the surrounding farmers and was selected because of its excellent quality in the cup. This coffee bean has been fully washed, fermented and dried to deliver a consistently clean and sweet profile.

Upgrade your coffee drinking experience with our limited edition single origin coffee from Tanzania. This coffee provides delicate citrus and berry notes when tasted as a black coffee. With milk, the coffee takes on rich, chocolate notes with a smooth finish.

Pop into your local Jamaica Blue to try this limited time coffee before it’s gone.
Available in-store from the 7 September 2020.
You can also buy these limited time beans in-store to take home!

Click here for information on what Jamaica Blue food goes best with our latest single origin!


*Tanzania single origin coffee beans are only available while limited stocks last. This premium and limited time option is available in-store at $1 more than our signature blend coffee.

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