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NEW Single Origin Coffee!

Our latest Single Origin Coffee is Welichu Wachu from Ethiopia!
This is a really delicate coffee with tasting notes of black cherry, milk chocolate and rosehip florals.
The beans taste great in any type of coffee, however we think it makes an extra delicious espresso, long black and piccolo.

Ethiopia is split into different zones, named after the indigenous communities that makes up these zones. Guji is a zone within the greater Oromia zone, named after the Oromo people.
All Arabica coffee traded in the world today can be traced back to Ethiopia, with the different varietals that moved around the worlds over the past 400 years deriving from the Typica varietal.
Vast majorities of Ethiopian coffees are hand-picked and attentively processed; this attention to detail has made high-scoring Ethiopian coffees highly sought after.

This coffee is sourced from a producer inside the Guji zone, named Welichu Wachu, within the Harsu Haro Muda region. The Welichu Wachu is a Grade 1, meaning that it is the best example of coffee that can be found from this producer in both quality of flavour, aroma and consistency from bean to bean.

Whole beans are also available to purchase in-store and brew in the comfort of your own home.



* Welichu Wachu Single Origin is available in-stores from 11 May 2021, for a limited time while stocks last. Single Origin coffee is sold for $1 more than our standard signature blend.

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