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Pick your Beans!

Did you know, every time you buy a Jamaica Blue coffee, you have the choice of three different coffee beans?

Our standard Signature Range beans are a unique blend from five of the worlds most renowned coffee regions, delivering a satisfyingly creamy coffee with a delicate chocolate aftertaste.

Feeling like a change? Upgrade your coffee to our latest Single Origin beans. Every season we release a NEW Single Origin coffee. These limited time releases are carefully selected from around the world to give you a unique coffee drinking experience. Our latest release is Buena Vista, from El Salvador.

Want to treat yourself to the best? Upgrade to our exclusive Jamaica Blue Mountain Single Origin beans. Coming straight from Jamaica, widely regarded as home to the best coffee in the world!
The Blue Mountain beans deliver excellent body and nearly no bitterness, offering sweet chocolate flavours with a floral aroma.

Which beans will you choose?

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