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Tanzania Single Origin Food Pairing

To enjoy the delicious flavours in a cup of Tanzania Single Origin, we recommend ordering it as a long black or a creamy latte.

As a latte it’s very sweet and chocolatey, this coffee is naturally sweet and low in bitterness so its great for the customer looking for something a little more mild and delicate. Best to sit down and enjoy this with our tasty Avo Smash with crumbled feta, maple glazed bacon, seeds & poached egg on sourdough.

As a long black we’re getting some lovely complex notes of blackcurrant and brighter citrus notes. We recommend this with a savoury croissant for those looking for the perfect on-the-go option!

Pop in-store today to try one of these suggested pairings or create your own delicious flavour sensation!


*Tanzania single origin beans are in-store from 7 September 2020 for a strictly limited time.

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