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The Proof is in the Pineapple

In Jamaica, the pineapple is more than just a delicious tropical fruit, it’s the traditional gift of welcome.

This summer, we go back to our Jamaican roots and welcome guests with all the freshness, flavour and warmth of the Caribbean with a delicious limited-edition pineapple menu.

Old School Bowls 90s

The pineapple has always been central to the Jamaica Blue story – It was part of our original logo and hand painted on all our crockery back in the 90s (#throwback) when we first started franchising! In more recent times, we made the pineapple the hero on our Christmas cups back in 2016.

So fast forward to February 2019, we introduce you to our key pineapple players. Check out our tasty pineapple menu:


A pineapple filled with only good stuff: pineapple and honey flavoured yoghurt, toasted muesli, dried fruits, coconut flakes & blueberries.

Soul Bowl


Dance away with our homemade iced tea: Pina-colada syrup, pineapple juice, lemongrass & ginger tea served on ice with a pineapple skewer.
We’re also giving you another excuse to chill out with Pine-appy HourWe’re offering half pr-iced tea after 2pm, Monday to Friday throughout the campaign



Grilled roti bread with jerk BBQ pulled chicken, aioli and a pineapple, coriander & crispy cabbage slaw served with grilled pineapple skewers.



Pina-colada flavoured cream cheese, pineapple, coconut, crumbled shortbread biscuits & pineapple skewer served in a glass (we won’t tell!)



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