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Unwrap our fresh Christmas Flavours

The festive season is upon us and what better way to celebrate than with our fresh Caribbean-inspired delights!

There’s nothing like finding the perfect, refreshing oasis to indulge in. We’ve taken inspiration from the islands and added some fresh new flavours to our menu, so escape with us this holiday season.

Keep your cool and enjoy our limited edition, Jamaican Christmas Iced Tea. With aromatic hibiscus, zesty orange, cinnamon with sweet floral notes – It’s refreshing and light!

And if you’re hungry for more, try our Caribbean-inspired, Christmas Roast Chicken Wrap. It’s delicious wrap with roast stuffing, jerk flavour, fresh fragrant sage and thyme, roasted pumpkin, sweet cranberries, caramelised onions & creamy mayonnaise…. It’s hard to say no to this!

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