Signature Blend

A satisfyingly creamy coffee with a delicate chocolate aftertaste, our superb Signature Blend coffee is a true classic. A winner with our customers for many years, this well-rounded coffee blend is sure to bring a smile to your face.

100% Arabica beans sourced from five of the world’s most renowned coffee regions:

Country of origin

Coffee character

Crisp finish
Ethiopia & India
Full bodied
Rich aroma
East Timor
Superior 'crema'
Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras & Mexico
Acidity for a balanced finish

Medium with a well-balanced body.


Strong finish with a hint of cocoa

To serve:

Best enjoyed as a latte or cappuccino


In Store:
A perfect partner to Jamaica Blue’s wide range of savoury breakfast and tasty lunch options.

At Home:
An adaptable blend with the ability to complement all types of food.

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